Philco Model PT-69 Table Clock Radio (1940)
The Philco PT-69 comprises both a
Sessions self-starting clock and a
broadcast band radio. However, unlike
the clock-radios that became popular
later on, beginning in the fifties and
sixties, in this one the clock runs
separately and neither turns the radio
on nor off.

The neat, compact cabinet is finished
in book-matched walnut veneers with
maple inlays. The original purchase
price was around $24.95.

The radio is a conventional 5-tube
superhet covering the standard-
broadcast band. The loktal tube
complement is:- 7A8 (mixer/LO), 7B7
(IF), 7C6 (2nd det/AVC/1st-AF), 35A5
(AF output) and 35Z3 (rectifier). A
loop antenna is contained in the rear
of the cabinet.

Although the radio has series strung
filaments, capable of operation from
either ac or dc, the clock mandates
that this set be run from an ac supply.
...the biggest value little radios ever built.
Philco PT-69 Table Clock Radio (1940)