"Philco 91D...6-leg Highboy cabinet with doors,
supreme tone quality, bass compensating tone
control, shadow tuning, automatic volume
control, floating chassis, oversize speaker and
other Philco improvements"
Philco Model 91D (91) Console Radio With Doors  (1933)
This beautiful model 91D highboy radio (where the
D perhaps stands for "with doors") was introduced
in the early summer of 1933, priced at $85. It was
an upgrade to an
earlier style of the 91D from the
previous June. Several models, including the 17D,
18D and 71D ac-powered models, used this same
six-legged cabinet style for 1933/1934.

This (June 1933) version of the 91D uses the later
two-band version of the 9-tube model 91 chassis.
The early, single-band version of the chassis was
introduced the previous summer as one of the first
Philcos to adopt the newly introduced 6 volt tubes.
The radio tunes the standard broadcast band from
520 -1500 kcs and the police/aircraft band from 1.6
to 3.2mc. It provides a tuned RF stage, automatic-
volume-control (AVC), a bass-compensating 4-point
tone control, a shadow meter for precise tuning and
a push-pull output stage using type 42 pentodes
(wired as pentodes, not class-A triodes as they were
on sets, such as the model 16, that used newer cha-
ssis types). Based on the chassis sticker (see bel-
ow), this model employs the code 126 chassis that
drives a single loudspeaker. The
91X Inclined-Sou-
nding-Board model from the same model year em-
ployed the non-inter-changeable dual-speaker
code 226 chassis.

The complete tube line-up is 44 (RF amp), 36
(LO/mixer), 44 (IF), 37 (2nd detector diode-connect-
ed triode), 37 (det amp), 37 (audio driver), 42 * 2
(push-pull outputs), 80 (rectifier). The driver is
transformer-coupled to the output stage. The
schematic is available
here, courtesy NostalgiaAir.

The 91 series was a follow-on to the model 90 line
that ran until the spring of the previous year. I
purchased this rare model from an antiques store in
restored condition, exactly as photographed. It is a
tall radio, standing almost 48" high!
Philco 91D.. a 6-leg Highboy cabinet with Doors.
A Child can tune with Philco Shadow Tuning...
Philco Model 91D Console Tube Radio Rear View
Philco Model 91D Console Tube Radio Chassis View
Philco Model 91D Console Radio Internal Label Close-Ups
Philco Model 91D Tube Radio Chassis Sticker
A six-legged Highboy of unusual
beauty with diamond matched
Oriental wood pilasters. Doors of
beautifully matched Butt Walnut on
the outside and highly figured Oriental
wood on the inside. Quilted Maple
panels above and below doors.
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Aug 5th 1933, Wisconsin
Philco Model 91D Console Tube Radio with Doors (1933)
Philco Model 91D Console Tube Radio with Doors (1933)