Philco Model 66L Lowboy Floor-Standing Radio (1934)
The Philco model 66L is an entry level console that first start-
ed appearing in stores, based upon the advertising record, in
December of 1934, just in time for Christmas. Its introductory
price was $49.95 complete. For a limited time, home delivery
and installation was even included in this price. In some stores
it could be purchased for as little as $5 down with a balance
due of $1.25 weekly. Stores also provided additional incent-
ives by offering trade-in allowances on a customer's existing
old style" radio, regardless of make - $4.95 was a typical all-
owance when buying a 66L.

This radio continued to be advertised by stores through May
of 1935.

The 66L uses a 5-tube ac-powered chassis that was also
used by models 66B and 66S. It is basically the very popular
60B design modified to provide extended shortwave coverage.
It tunes the standard broadcast band from 540 to 1720kcs &
shortwave from 5.5 to 16.0 mcs. The tubes used are:- 6A7
(mixer/LO), 78 (IF amp), 75 (2nd detector/AVC/1st AF), 42 (AF
output pentode) and 80 (rectifier). Controls are volume/on-off
(left), tuning (upper), band selector (lower center) and two-
point tone control. The schematic may be found

This model uses a similar lowboy cabinet to the
model 45L.
Most advertisements featuring the 66L pointed out that "
same cabinet could be purchased with a heavier chassis
" -
namely that of the 6-tube model 45L, the price of which was
$10 more at $59.95
"Latest features including Bass Compensation,
Automatic Volume Control, Tone Control,
Electro-Dynamic Speaker, Philco
High-Efficiency Tubes, etc. Beautiful cabinet
of choice woods."
Philco 66L...a powerful new radio that tunes in the world.
Sensational PHILCO offer -
just in time for Christmas!
Lowest price at which a world-wave PHILCO console has
ever been offered. Gets world-wide reception, Europe,
South America, the Orient as well as US. Wonderful rich
tone and many 1935 Philco features. In a beautifully
designed lowboy cabinet of hand rubbed walnut. BIGGEST
bargain of the year. ONLY a few on hand for Christmas
delivery - Come Early!
Philco 66L Console Radio (1934)