The Philco model 52-940, introduced in late
1951, is one in the series of popular radios
having top-mounted half-round dials that the
company produced for the 1950, 1951 and
1952 seasons. Often referred to as the
"sun-dial" models, the series began in 1950
with the
50-920, 50-921 and 50-922.

The radio photographed is in ivory plastic.
According to Riders, it was at first offered in
bakelite plastic with either a natural walnut or
painted grey finish. The ivory cabinet appears
to have been added to the line-up later, as it is
listed as a supplement. In 1952, the original
sales price, with walnut finish, was $44.95.

The chassis uses 6 tubes and tunes the
standard-broadcast band from 540-1620kc.
The tube line-up is:- 7B7 (RF amp), 7A8
(converter), 7B7 (IF), 14B6 (det/AVC/1st AF),
35L6GT (AF power) and 35Z5GT (rectifier).
The schematic may be found
Philco Model 52-940 Ivory Plastic Table Radio (1952)
Philco 52-940 top view
Philco 52-940 front view
Philco 52-940 rear view
Philco 52-940 oblique view
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