Philco Model 49-605 Portable Tube Radio (1949)
This stylish portable reminds me of a
lady's pocket book. Although it looks as if
it is covered with a textured material ala
leatherette style, the cabinet is actually
made from two pieces of plastic (front and
rear), with a metal frame.

The radio uses six tubes and tunes from
540 - 1600kc in the standard broadcast
band. Following in the tradition of the   
46-350 manufactured three years earlier,
this model uses a tuned RF stage for high
sensitivity and selectivity. Performance is
further enhanced by regeneration applied
around the 1T4 IF stage and through the
use of an internal loop antenna. The tube
line-up is 1T4 (tuned RF), 1R5
(mixer/LO), 1T4 (IF), 1U5 (2nd
detector/AVC/1st AF), 3LF4 (AF output),
117Z3 (rectifier).

The set can be operated either from the
AC/DC line or from an internally-mounted
battery. Battery usage is enabled once
the line cord is coiled up inside the radio
and plugged into a dummy outlet therein.
The 117Z3 rectifier only operates once
the radio is plugged into the 117V line.
Philco 49-605 Portable Tube Radio (1949)