Philco Model 48-225 Plastic Table Radio (1948)
The Philco model 48-225 is a cool and
collectible plastic table radio that covers
the standard broadcast band. It features
a modest All-American-Five (AA5) chassis
with tube line-up:-  7A8 (convertor/LO),
14A7 (IF), 14B6 (2nd detector/agc/1st af),
50A5 (AF output), 35Z5GT (rectifier).

The original purchase price was $27.95.
It is sometimes referred to as the Philco
"atomic" model, possibly because of the
concentric circles on the dial pointer and
the era during which it was produced.
Stunning maroon plastic cabinet with gold lacquer grille sets new standards of beauty at its price.
The plastic case of this radio is very thin
and as a result it's often found cracked.
This one, found in an antiques store, is
practically perfect.
Handsome new model with 4 tubes plus
rectifier. Improved built-in antenna. Gleaming
maroon plastic cabinet with gilt grille.
Philco 48-225 'atomic' Plastic Table Radio rear View (1948)
Philco 48-225 'atomic' Plastic Table Radio (1948)