Philco 45 Compact (45C) 'Butterfly' Table Radio (1934)
It tunes standard broadcast from 540 to
1720 kcs and short-wave from 4.2 to 13
mcs. The  6-tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/
osc), 39-44 (1st IF), 39-44 (2nd IF), 75
(detector/AVC & 1st AF), 42 (AF power)
and 80 (rectifier). The schematic may be

Sometime in late 1934 Philco produced
its five millionth radio and to mark the
event stores put on special promotions
on purchases of 1935 radios. The text
to the right was clipped from an ad that
included the 45C. A complete ad may be
found at the bottom left of this page.

I had been looking for an example of this
model for a while before I found this one
at the Brimfield flea market in 2002. It
was complete and original though in a
sorry state. I restored it to the
condition shown here. The grille cloth is
not original as no reproduction cloth is
currently available. Fragments of the
original cloth can however be seen in
the "
before" photo.
Philco 45C... the finest, most beautiful compact ever built.
...a powerful world-wave compact.
The Philco 45 Compact (45C) is today a
highly collectible model that because of
the shape of its grille is popularly known
as the "butterfly". It was introduced in the
early summer of 1934 as part of Philco's
new line-up for 1935. The original sales
price was $49.95. It was described thus:-
automatic-volume-control, tone
control, electro-dynamic speaker,
etc. Guaranteed foreign reception
in addition to your favorite
American programs"
Philco 45C Table Radio Rear View
"In celebration of the production of Philco's 5 millionth radio - an amazing
and unequalled record, we are making it easy for you to own a new
PHILCO. For a limited time, we will install in your own home any model
you select for an exceptionally low down payment plus especially attractive
terms. Extra liberal trade-in allowance for your present radio! Come in -
see and hear the new 1935 PHILCOS. Learn how easy it is to own one."
Philco 45C Compact Table Radio ad.
Nov 18th 1934,
Charlestown, Va
Sept 20th 1934, Chester, Pa
Dec 14th 1934, Illinois
Philco Model 45C 'Butterfly' Table Radio (1934)