Philco Model 42-323T Table Radio (1942)
This elusive table top model from 1942 features 6 tubes and covers the broadcast band from 550
- 1720kc and the shortwave band from 9.0 to 15.5mc. The tube line-up (code 122 chassis) is:-
XXD (mixer/LO), 7B7 (1st IF), 7B7 (2nd IF), 7C6 (detector/AVC/1st af), 50L6GT (power amp), 35Z3

When found, this radio was missing all its knobs. The ones shown appear to match those shown in
the original advertisement for this radio reproduced in Ron Ramirez' excellent book "
Philco Radio
1928-1942", page 150.
Philco 42-323T Table Radio (1942)