Philco Model 40-145T (40-145) Table Radio (1940)
This is a 6-tube 3-band table model from 1940. The frequency coverage is from
540 to1550kc, 1.5 to 3.3mc and 5.7 to 18.0mc. The tube line-up is 1232 (RF),
7J7 (mixer & LO), 7B7 (IF), 7C6 (detector/AVC/1st AF), 7B5 (power amp), 7Y4

This model is very similar to model
40-135, however it has an additional wave-
band as well as having subtle differences in styling, including modified grille
cut-outs, dial surround and veneer pattern on the front. Unfortunately, there
are no station call letters below the push-buttons in this one to give a clue as to
where it originated!
Philco 40-145T Table Radio (1940)