Philco Model 38-9K Console Radio (1938)
Nice two band, 6-tube floor model from the 1938
model year. It uses the same chassis as the
table model and a similar chassis to models 38-7
and 38-8. Tube usage is:- 6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G
(IF amp), 6J5G (2nd Detector/AVC), 6K5G (1st AF
amp), 6F6G (power output), 5Y4G (rectifier).
Frequency coverage is from 530-1720kc (standard
broadcast) and 5.7-18.2mc (shortwave).

The model photographed was purchased from an
antiques wholesaler and is entirely original. It
features a high-gloss cabinet with multiple inlaid
veneers. The dial on this this model is almost 5.5" in
diameter compared with 4.25" for the model 38-9T
table model.
I'm not certain as to the function of the cardboard
insert in the base of the cabinet. Perhaps it served
an acoustic purpose or may have been part of the
original shipping material. It appears the radio came
with a back, as evidenced by the rear screws. It is
now missing. The tube shield for the tube in the
rear center was found sleeved over the electrolytic
can at the front left of the chassis! I had meant to
place it over the tube prior to taking the photo.
Philco 38-9K console Radio Rear View (1938)
Philco 38-9K console Radio (1938)