Philco Model 38-12C Compact Table Model (1938)
Philco introduced the model 38-12 Compact
(38-12C) in June of 1937 as part of their line-
up for the 1938 model season. At the time of its
introduction, this modest radio was Philco's
starter set, listing at $22.50 (as shown).

As well as the walnut version seen here, the 38-
12 also came in the same style cabinet painted
ivory (
38-12CI)*, and in a somewhat more elab-
orate walnut cabinet (
38-12T)*. By early 1938 it
was being offered in ivory painted bakelite,
walnut bakelite and ivory plaskon too.

The 38-12 is a 5 tube AC superhet having tube
complement:- 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF amp), 75
(2nd detector/AVC/1st AF), 41 (AF power pent-
ode) and 84 (rectifier). Frequency coverage
was 540 - 1720kc (standard broadcast & lower
police band).
This 1938 Philco Compact is BIG NEWS for radio buyers!
"Smart new style and famous Philco quality for only $24.50*. This 1938
Philco compact is BIG NEWS for radio buyers. Compare these features
found in radios selling $10 more:
Automatic Volume Control
Five Philco tubes
Superheterodyne circuit
Illuminated full vision dial
Full Dynamic Speaker

*price as advertised for sale in Lowell, MA in Sept 1937
*Photo links courtesy of
Philco 38-12C Compact Table Radio (1938)