Philco Model 37-60B (37-60) Cathedral Radio (June 1936)
Introduced in June of 1936 at $33.50, the model 37-60B
continued a long line of Philco
model 60 cathedral rad-
ios, dating back to 1933. It was one of several new cath-
edral models offered by Philco for 1937. Significantly,
the set would prove to be the end of the line for the
model 60B, and moreover, 1937 would prove to be the
last year Philco manufactured any cathedral radio, thus
ending a long line of models that had begun in 1930
with the ubiquitous
model 20. It was the end of an era.

The 37-60B is a 5 tube receiver covering the broadcast
band from 530 to 1720kcs and the shortwave band from
2.3 to 7.4mcs. The tube line-up is 6A8G (LO/mixer),
6K7G (IF), 6Q7G (2nd detector/AGC/1st AF), 6F6G
(power output), 5Y4G (rectifier).

Sister model 37-61B is almost identical to the 37-60B,
except that it provides extended shortwave coverage of
5.7 to 18.2mcs versus 2.3 to 7.4mcs for the 60B. The
61B can be distinguished from the 60B in that it employs
a dual knob tuning mechanism, comprising concentric
fine and coarse controls rather than the 60B's single
knob. Other than that, the cabinets look identical.

Early in my collecting days I bought this model 37-60B
from an antiques store for a very reasonable price even
though something didn't seem quite right about it. Some
time later, I discovered that as purchased it had been
stripped of its FAUX finish (photo lower right). Oh well, I
thought, you live and learn. However, this story has a
happy ending, because some years later I came across
an empty case for it that was in good original condition,
for just a few bucks.
ANOTHER YEAR... And it's still the fastest-selling model in the world!
"Interest centers in the instrument panel...
a Philco reproduction of matched burl, butt
and straight grained American walnut inlaid
with holly and black. The top and end panel is
of rotary walnut, the base mouldings of a
darker contrasting tone, and the bezel,
speaker grille and knob spacing all work
together to achieve a harmonious effect.
Satin finish.

17" High  135/8" Wide  91/8" Deep"
Philco Balanced Superheterodyne Circuit with 5
Philco Self-Centering Octal Base High-Efficiency
Eight Tuned Circuits
Pentode Audio System
Two Point Tone Control.
(A) Speech (B) Music
Standard Philco Electro-Dynamic Speaker
Wide Vision Dial.
A great convenience and an aid to
accurate tuning.
Glowing Beam Station Finder
Two Tuning Ranges
cover Standard American
Broadcasts... State and Municipal Police... Night and
Day Aviation... Night First-Class Amateur... some
American and Night Foreign Short-Wave Broadcasts.
Adapted for use with the Philco High-Efficiency
. The more efficient the aerial, the more
efficient the set, and to get the best results from
the Philco 60, the use of the Philco High-Efficiency
Aerial is strongly recommended.
Reduction Gear Tuning... Greater overall
Selectivity... Philco Unit Construction...
Automatic Volume Control
135/8" (W) * 91/8" (D) * 17" (H)
Philco 37-60 Cathedral Radio (1937)
Philco 37-60 Cathedral Radio Stripped Cabinet (1937)
Oct 18th 1936, Iowa
Oct 30th, Mass
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