Philco introduced the entry-level 37-600C
in June of 1936 with a list price of $25. This
stylish and collectible set features FAUX
wood grain on both its front and back faces,
with the chassis loaded from the bottom.
The dial face on my set is a reproduction
from Rock- Sea Enterprises*.

The 37-600C tunes the standard broadcast
band from 530 - 1800kcs. Its chassis is a 4-
tube ac-powered superhet using the tubes:-
6A8G (LO/mixer), 6J7G (2nd-detector/1st
af), 6K6G (AF output) and 5Y4G (rectifier).
In common with most 4-tube Philcos of the
era, regeneration is applied around the 2nd
detector tube in order to boost gain and
compensate to some extent for the absence
of a dedicated IF amplifier.

Although I have fully restored this set, it is
unsurprisingly not a hot performer, even
with the regeneration control (accessed
from below) peaked up. It also has no AVC
and suffers from "blasting" unless one is
mindful to turn down the volume before
tuning from a weak to a strong station. The
sister model 37-602, which looks identical,
features an extra tube as an IF amplifier.
A newly designed Philco compact... finished on all sides.
Compacts that set new standards of beauty
A newly designed Philco compact...
finished on all sides... with speaker grilles
front and back. The front and back
panels... reproductions of rich butt and
burl walnut.. are set flush with the top and
end panels to permit full appreciation of
their smoothly bent straight grained
American walnut. The entire cabinet is set
on a base of contrasting tone.
Pentode Audio System
Philco Balanced Superheterodyne
with 4 Philco self-centering Octal
Base High- Efficiency tubes
Illuminated Dial
Compact Speaker
Four Tuned Circuits
Reduction Gear Tuning
Tuning Range
covers all Standard
Broadcasts and State Police calls
Attached Aerial makes this an ideal
radio when travelling or when an out-
door aerial cannot be erected.
*Rock-Sea closed for business in 2007, however
repro dials may be available from
Mark Oppat.
Philco Model 37-600C (37-600) Table Radio (1937)
Philco 37-600 Compact Table Radio rear view
Philco 37-600C Compact Table radio front view.