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Philco Model 20 "Baby Grand" Console Radio  (1931)
This Philco model 20 "Baby Grand" console uses the
same 7-tube chassis and electrodynamic loudspeaker
as the model 20 cathedral style radio. It was referred
to in early Philco advertising not only as the "
Grand console
" but also as the "Baby Grand lowboy"
and, because of its small size (just 33.5" high by 19"
wide), the
"junior console". The original purchase price
was $88 including tubes.

The radio shown is the later style of this console,
introduced in Jan 1931 at the same time as the
upgraded model 20 cathedral. The original version,
introduced in October of 1930, had a plainer
appearance, with an
open grille area.

Note that the grille cloth as pictured is a reproduction
and may not be correct for this model.

The radio covers the broadcast band from 550 -
1500kc and the tube line up is 71*2 (push-pull output),
27 (1st af), 24*2 (2 tuned RF stages), 24 (detector)
and 80 (rectifier).
Model 20 lowboy ...another outstanding Philco value.
Philco 20 Consolette (1931)