Philco 37-610T "Big Bullet" Table Radio in Maple (1937)
This radio has come to be called the "big bullet" to
distinguish it from the smaller and, in my opinion, nicer
38-10 bullet style radio. It is pictured in as found
condition and is missing the outer section of the
tuning knob and the dial glass as well as needing a
good cleaning. The veneer is maple.

Most of the examples of this model I've seen have
horizontal and vertical stripes or inlays on the front.
This one, like a very few others I've encountered, has
none, which is curious, since the finish otherwise looks
to be very original. One clue to this is that the
decal is present at the bottom right. Nevertheless, the
lack of stripes does lead me to question the originality
of the finish. Some other examples, all with the stripes,
can be seen at

I recently purchased a nicer example of this model, in
walnut,  that can be viewed
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Philco 37-610 Big Bullet Table Radio (maple)