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Mirror-Tone Deluxe 830 Compact Table Radio (circa 1947)
The Mirror Tone model 830 Deluxe is an entry
level compact table radio in ivory plaskon. Its
elegant machine age styling is accentuated by
the artful contrasts between its cab, dial and
bright red appointments, aspects that endear-
ed it to me as soon as I first set sight upon it.

According to words on the rear cover, it was
manufactured for the Monarch Sales Co. of
Chicago, who presumably marketed the
brand. The model 830 was one of several in-
carnations using this same basic styling. The
tube line-up is 12BE6, 12AT6, 50B5 & 35W4.
Mirror-Tone model 830 'Deluxe' Table Radio
Rear View
Push-card with Mirrortone Radio as Premium
Similar Mirrortone radio as a push-card
premium. Click to enlarge.
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