Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) 55 'Duette' Mantel Radio (1933) different from ordinary radios as sunshine is from rain.
Grigsby-Grunow's model 55, known as
the Duette, was one of their series of
"smart set" models for 1934. It was int-
roduced during the summer of 1933 and
initially listed for $35.50. On the whole,
the 1934 line represented a novel direc-
tion for Grigsby-Grunow in that the mod-
els were smaller and less expensive than
their previous fare.

The 5-tube model 55 has tube line-up:
6A7S (mixer/LO), 6F7S (IF amp pent-
ode/1st-AF triode), 6B7S (2nd IF amp
pentode/AVC/2nd detector), 42 (AF
output) & 80 (rectifier). Through their
use of three spray-shielded "duo" type
tubes, Grigsby-Grunow claimed 8-tube
performance for this model. The schem-
atic for the type 500 chassis used may
be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
"5-tube receiver giving 8-tube performance, providing dual range. 1st: 535 to
1550kc. 2nd: 1480 to 4400kc. Has automatic volume control, illuminated dial.
Receives police, aircraft, amateur, commercial and marine calls as well as the
regular broadcast band. Cabinet is of lacewood, top and bottom has ebony finish,
and aluminum grille design"
"From its piano-finish ebonized
top and lacewood front, to its
polished metal grille, it's as
different from ordinary radios as
sunshine is from rain.
Performance to match! Five tubes
eight regular tubes -
because Majestic alone uses
Duo-Valve Self-Shielded types.
Receives police, commercial,
marine, airplane and amateur
calls, as well as regular
broadcasts. Has automatic volume
control. Power, selectivity and
tone are extraordinary. Its name
..captivating lacewood cabinet with ebonized and metal trim. Same chassis as the Studio.
Majestic Model 55 'Duette' Table Radio (1933)
Nov 7th, '33,
Dec 13th, '33,
Dec 21st, '33,
Oct 28th '33, Pa