Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) 214 Console Radio (1932)
Majestic Model 214 'Stratford' (1932)
A remarkably pleasing application of Art Moderne design...
Grigsby-Grunow introduced their Majestic model 214, called the
Stratford", in January of 1932. The radio, a ten-tube superhet,
was initially listed at $99.50 in the Eastern and Central USA.

This beautiful, and in my opinion under-appreciated radio was
described in advertising as being "
a remarkably pleasing appli-
cation of Art Moderne design
". The detail on the cabinet is just
gorgeous, ranging from the Deco embellishments on front to the
elaborate geometric marquetry work delineating the tiered top.
The upper-front left and right trapezoidal pieces appear almost
as if they are beset with jewels and the entire composition is
simply an aesthetic delight to behold!

Art Moderne came into its own during the 1930s. Alternately
known as streamlined modern or machine age, one can readily
see that this radio's cabinet exhibits not only these later aspects
of the Art Deco genre, but also the Egyptian and Aztec influen-
ces that trace to the very roots of the Art Deco movement.

The model 214 console uses chassis type 210, the schematic
for which may be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir. The
radio is a 10-tube AC superheterodyne with RF amplifier, dual
IF stages and push-pull output. It covers the standard broadcast
band. Tube line up is G35S (RF amp), G27S (local osc), G35S
(mixer), G35S (1st IF), G35S (2nd IF), G-2S (2nd det/AVC),
G27S (1st AF), 2 * G47 (push-pull AF amp) and G80 (rectifier).
The tube numbers are as shown on the schematic, with the G
indicating a Grigbsy-Grunow tube type and the S denoting a
tube having Grigsby-Grunow's proprietary spray shielding.
Majestic 214 rear view
DOUBLE-click to enlarge
ad from Jan 26th 1932