Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) 776 'Lido' Console Radio (1933)
Majestic Lido Model 776 Smart-Set Radio
..nothing nearly so fine in all the world of radio today.
..a magnificent modernistic cabinet in five tones of wood..
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The Lido - A Modernistic
That describes the Lido. Just a glance
at this stunning radio shows you why
the new Majestics for 1934 are
everywhere being acclaimed as the
"Smart Set" of Radio... The Lido is
housed in a magnificent cabinet
featuring five contrasting tones of
wood, piano finished. It is a
superheterodyne -- full 8-tube
performance ; Duo-Valve Self-Shielded
tubes; automatic volume control; police
calls... A modern radio that you will be
proud to own. $94.50
" modernistic consoles are beyond question, the most
strikingly beautiful radios ever made.... All four employ the
outstandingly successful Majestic 6-tube superheterodyne chassis -
with two Duo-Valve tubes providing genuine 8-tube performance"
click to enlarge (ad from Dec 1933)
The Majestic model 776 "Lido" is an absolutely stunning radio that was
one in the series of 26 Grigsby-Grunow "smart sets" introduced during
the summer and fall of 1933. Inspired by the "Century of Progress"
theme of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, the "Lido" was one of four
"modernistic" Majestic consoles announced at the National Electrical &
Radio Exposition held during late September, in New York City's Madis-
on Square Garden (the others were the
Riviera, Ritz and Park Avenue).
Grigsby-Grunow, the manufacturer of Majestic radios, referred to their
“style leader” 1933 line as “the new deal in radio design”, and as the
“best-looking, best performing radios that America has ever seen”. For
sure these latest Majestic radios were trend setting and led the pack of
“modern” styled radios that entered the marketplace in the wake of the
Chicago World's Fair. Philco was another who announced sets inspired
by the World's Fair, including their October 1933 model 18X (cabinet
looks like my
16X - see ad clipping center right) and their January 1934
14MX, which was priced comparably to the Lido. However the Majestic
sets were unquestionably unrivalled for their stylistic supremacy in this
genre, if not technically, despite the valiant attempts of others.

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