General Electric (GE) 200 and 201 Table Radios (1946)
Two neat GE table tops from 1946, one made of
attractive swirled bakelite and the other of ivory plaskon.
Both have the same chassis with 6-tube line-up:- 35L6GT
(power output), 35Z5GT (rectifier), 12SG7 (RF), 12SA7
(mixer/LO), 12SK7 (IF) and 12SQ7 (2nd det/AVC/1st AF).
The use of an RF stage provides these sets with good
sensitivity and selectivity. Band coverage is Standard
Broadcast from 540-1600kc.

The plaskon model 201 is usually found with tiny hairlines
above the left and right sides of the metallic grille,
running up and a little way over the top. The model here
has one small hairline on the right side only, though it
can't be seen in the photo. I don't think I've ever seen
one without at least one.

A word of caution with these sets regarding the dial.
Although the main lettering is on the rear side of the dial
glass, there is some secondary shading printed on the
front of the glass that is
very easily removed during
cleaning. When I got the plaskon model, I set about
cleaning the dial and had removed all the shadowing
before I realized it. Sometime later I found a junker set
that had a perfect dial glass, so I was  able to swap out
the glass and restore the model here to its former glory.

I got the model 200 later and the shadowing effect had
long gone from the dial glass. I haven't found another
original dial glass for this one, though there are probably
reproductions available.

There is also a model 202 that is brown bakelite but
otherwise the same as model 201. Models 203 and 205  
came in wooden cabinets.
Model 200
Model 201
GE Model 201 Ivory Plastic Table Radio (1946)
GE Model 200 Brown Bakelite Table Radio (1946)