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Fada 358 Table Radio (1937/38)
FADA 358 Flash-O-Matic Table Radio (1937/1938)
Fada 358 Table Radio (1937/38)
Model 358 Rear view (AC version)
This particularly stylish Fada model
358 table radio was introduced late in
1937 for the 1938 model year. With a
list price of $49.95, it featured Fada's
Flash-O-Matic tuning along with their
Glo-Dial. It was available either as
a 5-tube AC or 6-tube AC/DC receiver.

I spied this pristine radio in Dec 2008
in the basement of an antiques store. I
was immediately struck by its beautiful
two-tone finish, magnificent grain high-
lights and by its clean, elegant lines. All
points considred, I just couldn't cont-
emplate leaving the store without it!
Moreover, soon after my purchase I
happened by chance to discover and
speak to its seller, who informed me
that this set is the one shown in a "Co-
llector's Guide to Antique Radios" (see
p. 95 of the fifth edition by John Sluss-
er) and that prior to sale it had under-
gone a complete and meticulous elec-
trical restoration.

This 358 is a 5-tube AC superhet tun-
ing the standard broadcast band from
540-1720kcs and shortwave from
5.6-19mcs. Tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/
LO), 6D6 (IF), 6Q7G (2nd det/AVC/1st
AF), 25L6G (AF out) & 25Z5 (rectifier).
The new Fada Glo-Dial is the most attractive dial ever designed for a radio cabinet...
1937 newspaper clippings

Fada Radios feature Glo-Dial and
flash-o-matic tuning in their 1938

The Fada glo-dial has a raised
shield with indirect lighting that adds
beauty to the set as well as
affording clear calibration for easy
station location.

Flash-o-matic tuning is offered in
two series; one giving a choice of 6
stations, the second a choice of 10.
After the device is set on desired
stations no manual control is
Fada 358 Glo-Dial in a darkened room
The finger in the ad above conveys
the impression of push-button tuning,
simlar to that adopted by many other
sets introduced that year. However,
there are no push-buttons, just trans-
parent disks illuminated to show the
selected station. Flash-O-Matic tuning
is accomplished by turning the right-
most 6-position rotary knob to the
position corresponding to the desired
Knobs, left to right: Vol/On/Off, tone, dial tuning, BC/SW/flash-o-matic, flash-o-matic station
Fada ad from Radio Retailing July 1937 p6