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Fada Model 260G Ivory Plaskon Table Radio (1936)
FADA Streamline Radio.... The radio of tomorrow today.
The 260G tube radio is a model in
Fada's line of streamlined plastic
coloradios. The 260 was offered
in a choice of four colors:- brown
"walnut" bakelite, black bakelite with
optional chrome trim, ivory plaskon
with optional gold trim, or Chinese
red plaskon with optional gold trim.
The set photographed, in ivory and
gold, had an original purchase
price in 1936 of $24.95.

The 260 series employs a 6-tube
ac/dc powered superheterodyne
chassis that covers the standard
broadcast band. Its 6 tubes are:-
6A7 (mixer/LO), 6D6 (IF), 76 (2nd
detector/af amp), 43 (AF power),
25Z5 (rectifier) & BK49D (Ballast).
Fada claimed it to have "8 tube
performance", though based upon
its use of only one dual type tube
(the 6A7) & a ballast, that's quite a
stretch. The schematic is available
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

I restored this radio in January of
2005. Once I had completed the
re-capping, the radio played but
only very weakly. After digging
around for a while I discovered
that the loudspeaker field coil was
open. This coil shunts the B+ sup-
ply in this model, rather than be-
ing in series with it. Nevertheless,
since the coil generates the mag-
netic field for the loudspeaker I
was surprised it played at all; only
the residual magnetism was allow-
ing it to operate. Luckily, the field
coil assembly was affixed to the
speaker frame using bolts (see
below), rather than by being weld-
ed or riveted, so I was able to dis-
assemble it and re-wind the coil. It
now plays just fine.

I found this in filthy dirty condition
in an antiques store. The gold trim
was badly tarnished and I wasn't
sure how it would clean up. How-
ever, it turned out that Brasso
shone it up like new. There are
some minor hairlines in the plastic
above the grille, on the rear panel
and on the base, but these are
typical for this model.
Fada 260G Ivory Plaskon Table Radio (1936)
Fada 260G Ivory Plaskon Table Radio Rear View (1936)
Fada 260G electro-dynamic speaker own the best in radio when you own a FADA.
Radio Retailing September 1936, pgs 4 & 5