Emerson Model EP-381 Table Radio (1941)
Shown on this page is Emerson's
model EP-381 in each of its four
original colors - green, red and
ivory plaskon and walnut bakelite.
These delightful sets further the
illustration of why, in the realm of
small radio, Emerson quickly rose
to become one of the pre-eminent
set manufacturers of its day. As
bold and colorful statements of the
mid-century radio art, these mod-
els proved very popular when first
sold. However, of the brightly col-
ored ones in particular, few seem
to have survived, and as a result
they have gone on to become
highly sort after collector pieces

Some of these sets came with a
lift-up handle whereas others
came without. Examples of both
variants are shown on this page.
A sister model, the CW-279, was
offered with push-buttons mount-
ed above the dial area.

Note that the knob style for the
walnut (brown) bakelite model
shown to the lower right is, I bel-
ieve, incorrect.

The EP-381 is an ac/dc powered
All-American Five (AA5) superhet
receiver covering the standard
broadcast band. It employs tubes:-
12SA7GT (mixer/ LO), 12SK7GT
(IF), 12SQ7GT (det/AVC/1st AF),
50L6GT (AF power) & 35Z5GT
(rectifier). A directional "super
loop" antenna is housed in the
rear of the cabinet.

See chassis view
Emerson EP-381 Table Radio in Green Plaskon
Emerson EP-381 Table Radio in Red Plaskon
Emerson EP-381 Table Radio in Ivory Plaskon
Emerson EP-381 Table Radio in Walnut Bakelite
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