Emerson Model 321 AW "Oriental Chest" Radio (1933)
This is a somewhat rare
oriental case 2-band
radio. The front of the
case features an oriental
scene hand-painted in
lacquers. The sides show
hand-painted flowers.

The doors open to reveal
the loud speaker grille
and radio controls. The
top has a handle and an
illuminated jewel. Front
panel controls are
volume/on/off and tuning.
The brass accent around
the tuning knob is
graduated 0-100 rather
than in frequency for the
two wavebands.
Inside is a 5-tube 2-band
radio comprising a 78
(LO/mixer), 78 (IF amp),
77 (2nd detector), 43
(power output), 25Z5
rectifier. Band coverage is
from 540-1500kc
(standard broadcast) and
1.5-3.0mc (police band).
Band selection is by
means of the rear lever
switch, seen in the rear
view photo at the lower left.
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Emerson 321-AW Compact Radio (1933)
Emerson 321-AW Compact Radio Rear View (1933)
Emerson 321-AW Compact Radio (1933)