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Detrol Model 302 Radio Clock (1939)
Detrola Model 302 Radio Clock (1939)
Detrola ..the big name in little radios.                                 ...a grand gift for office or home.
This very collectible model 302 radio clock from
Detrola was introduced in the second half of 1939
for the 1940 season. According to an advertise-
ment I found in a Dec 1939 Oakland, CA news-
paper, it was offered for sale for $24.95 at that
time in Western regions. As was customary, it
would have cost slightly less than this in the East.
Detrola Radio Clock
A dependable radio and an equally dependable,
nationally-known self-starting synchronous
clock combined in one unit...a grand gift for
office or home. 5 Tubes Super-heterodyne
receiver. No aerial no ground required.
Automatic Volume Control.
The radio is a 5-tube ac/dc-powered
All-American-Five superhet covering
the standard broadcast band. The
tube line-up is 12A8GT (mixer/LO),
12K7GT (IF amp), 12Q7GT (2nd
det/AVC/1st AF), 35L6GT (AF power
amp) and 35Z4GT (rectifier).
Detrola 302 Rear view, showing antenna loop housing.
Back at the time when this set was offered for
sale, some regions of the country received a
direct current (DC) electricity supply rather than
the alternating current (AC) that is standard
today. Many radios were therefore designed to
operate with either type and the Detrola 302 was
no exception. Its synchronous clock, however,
would only function using AC and so Detrola
provided a slider switch at the rear of the set to
allow the clock to be turned off whenever the
unit was supplied with DC! I cannot help but
wonder how many buyers or recipients of this
set who lived in areas having DC mains, ended
up disappointed upon finding out that their smart
new purchase or gift, with its very prominent
front clock-face, would never show them the