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DeWald Model 440 "Universal" Mantel Radio (1934)
The Dewald "universal" model 440 was introduced to the
marketplace in early 1934.  Dewald was the trade name
of Pierce-Airo Inc. of 520 6th Ave, New York City. One of
their advertising catch phrases was "
Pacemakers in
radio since 1921

The model 440 is a 4-tube ac/dc TRF receiver that
tunes the standard broadcast band from 550-1700kcs
(approx). Tube line-up is 6D6 (RF amp), 6C6 (2nd
detector/AF amp), 43 (AF output pentode) and 12Z3
(rectifier). A resistance line cord serves to establish the
correct filament voltages. The schematic may be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

The cabinet consists of a wooden frame to which
repwood panels are attached. Repwood was formed by
pressing a special wood-paste into a mold to give the
intricate "carved" appearance.
..4-tube high-gain universal. The biggest value ever packed into a midget radio set.
Dewald Model 440 (1934)
Dewald Model 440 (1934)
chassis rear view
chassis front view
rear cover
ad from March 1934 - click to enlarge
Inspection of the ad snippet above (click the thumbnail
to enlarge it) reveals knobs that are different to the ro-
settes on my set. However, either the depiction in the
ad is incorrect (a surprisingly common occurrence) or
the set came with two (or more) alternate knob styles. I
have seen photos of at least two other examples of this
set, one from a collector in Spain, and both sport the
same rosettes as mine. It may be mentioned that the
knobs have small engraved dots as indicators rather
than actual pointers - one is just visible at the 8 o'clock
position on the left knob in the lower right photo.