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Arvin Model 840T Painted Metal Table Radio (1954)
Arvin 840T (1954)
This small AC/DC powered Arvin
model 840T measures 8" wide by
5" high by 4" deep and came in a
number of different colors. It's a
4-tube super-het (12BE6, 12AT6,
50C5, 35W4) covering the
standard broadcast band. With no
IF stage, it's not a hot performer
and as a result it needs a good
antenna. Because of this, these
sets are often found with a long
tangle of antenna wire attached!

Arvin produced numerous small
metal cased radios over the years,
as did a number of other manu-
facturers, including  Silvertone.
Most of these sets, especially the
colored ones, have grown in
popularity amongst today's radio