Zenith Model 5-R-312 Bakelite Table Radio (1939)
The 5-tube Zenith model 5-R-312
(5R312) was introduced in the
second half of 1938 ready for the
1939 season, at a price of $19.95.
Today, this is often referred to as the
"Zenith Beehive" Radio, for obvious

It features
tip-touch automatic tuning
and provides coverage of the
standard broadcast band from
approximately 550-1700kc. The tube
line-up is 6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G
(IF), 6Q7G (2nd det/AGC/1st AF),
6K6G (power), 6X5G (rectifier). The
5R312 is ac-powered and uses a
power transformer, which makes the
radio very heavy. Unfortunately this
has over time resulted in many of
them sustaining cracked cases.

The sister model 6D312 uses the
same cabinet but a 6-tube ac/dc
chassis, including a ballast.
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Zenith 5-R-312 Bakelite Table Radio (1939)