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                                                                       Radio collector sites, on-line museums, etc.                          Argentinian Radio Collectors Association (translated version here)                     Beautifully designed new site providing comprehensive coverage of AirChief Radios                   Argentinian Site with some interesting sets on show              Comprehensive pictures and information on Atwater Kent Radios           Large collection of radios, beautifully photographed.                      Site specializing in the appreciation of vintage Crosley radios
DecoPhobia                                 Check out their museum and info on industrial designers involved with radio sets                         Excellent photos of wood and plastic Radios
GoldenHue Radio Collection    A very significant online collection of primarily high-end plastic radios                     Collection of beautifully photographed radios. Check out the photos of radio dials!
Jeremy's Antique Radios           Interesting site from a talented young collector, with some very nice restorations
John & Jean Antique Radio         Fascinating Site with lots of nooks and crannies to explore & sets for sale!
MidwestRadioMuseum              Great site featuring mainly radios by Midwest                     A nicely done site from a collector in Brasil.                           Site featuring a growing number of rare, impressive and immaculate high-end sets, many for sale (now inactive??)                     This site has a bias towards Zenith. Visit to see the Stratosphere 1000Z.  There are photos of other makes too
Phil'sOldRadios                                    A ton of info for beginners. Mixed bag of models.
Radio Attic Archives                         Photos of over 11,800 vintage radios
Radio Barbara                                       Interesting Italian site! Browse using Google Chrome and it will translate it for you if you don't understand Italian!                      A Site dedicated to the preservation of plastic (and wood!) tube radios                          Splendid collector site that's also a source for information, parts and radios - with a slight bias towards Radiola
RadioStratosphere                     A top quality new site devoted mainly to that holy grail of vintage radio collecting, the Zenith Stratosphere                           Outstanding collector's site with some great photos,  information and links
Radiotiques                                            Collector site dedicated to the "Preservation and Restoration of Antique Tube Radios"
Rod's Vintage Radios                 Selection of Radios displayed by a collector in New Zealand
Steve's Antiques                                 Large collection of all-makes of vintage radios                                    Impressive radio collection site. See the very rare Simplex UA52P/Philco TP52 Deco plastic set.
Western Historic Radio Museum    Museum of vintage Radio Equipment and Memorabilia

Sites supplying Technical & General Information, Vintage Radio Clubs, Links, etc.
American radio History               Three million pages of American AM FM & TV broadcasting history online               Antique Radio Information and Links                    Interesting old radio site with very active forum covering all aspects of vintage radio collecting and restoration
CollectibleDetective                        Thousands of links to Old Radio and antiques on line (old radio listings are here)
Collector's Weekly                             Information of general interest to radio collectors, including Ebay items listed for sale & auction (updated frequently)
Delaware Valley Historic Radio Home of the Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club                 A great source of old and new patents of all types. Free, but you'll need to register to see the patents                                    No more grille cloth here for sale, but still a lot of valuable radio-related info
Michigan Antique Radio Club     Home of the MARC Extravaganza
Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club  Website giving their calendar of events, photos of previous events, articles on radio history, and much more
NEARC                                          The home page of the New England Antique Radio Club                          Source of free schematics and information for most old radios. Also provides an active forum.                         The premier Philco site with a gallery of pictures as well as a wealth of Philco history, service and technical information                Another excellent Philco site with a wealth of Philco service and technical information
Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society     Web site of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Antique Radio Society
Puget Sound Antique Radio Assoc.   Website of PSARA, located in the state of Washington
RadioAtticArchives                            Photos of over 11,700 radios to help you indentify that unknown set!                              Large web site devoted to old radios. Source of information, books, CDs and more
The Schematic Bank                   Source of free high-resolution schematics for vintage radios

Sites useful for finding parts, etc.               Source of plastic reproduction knobs and escutcheons                           Reasonably priced source of new and used vacuum tubes
Great Northern Antiques           Source of reproduction parts, especially for Zenith radios. Also Zenith radios for sale & radio restorations                                   Source of capacitors and schematics for old radios
Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts   New site offering reproduction dials and other items
Mark Palmquist's Retro Radio   Source or Reproduction Plastic Dial Covers
PlaythingsOfThePast                        Lots of new-old-stock and salvaged radio parts
Paul Pontrello                             Reproduction knobs & parts, catalin repair. MUST-READ info for BUYERS of catalin radios.                                    Good, ever expanding source of vacuum tubes and reproduction parts for old radios
RenovatedRadios                              Source of reproduction knobs, chassis washers, push-buttons. Check out their Radio Retailing CD/DVDs!!                       Quality Restorations, sets for sale & duplicated parts (knobs, trim, cabinet panels, cabinets). Now offering grillecloth too!                         Another good source of parts and tubes for old radios and related items                              Lots of tubes...               Source of components salvaged from parted-out sets. Source of radios for restoration
West Tech Services                   Reproduction Plastic Dial covers, Phono cartridges & much more

Vintage Radio Service
CamdenAntiqueRadioService   Site that offers antique radio service
Radiotiques                                             Dedicated to the "Preservation and Restoration of Antique Tube Radios"

                                               Sites that sell old radios, show radios for sale, sell transmitter kits, etc.
Collector's Weekly                              Information of general interest to radio collectors, including Ebay items listed for sale & auction (updated frequently)
DecoPhobia                                  Site featuring "20th Century Design" items for sale, including Art Deco radios, furniture, etc.                            Selection of quality sets for sale - wood, glass, plastics & novelties
RadioAge                                                  A selection of beautifully restored radios for sale (updated occasionally)                                      A place to buy or just look at radios. As with all on-line venues, do your research before making a purchase!                          This site often has quality sets for sale            From time-to-time has quality sets for sale.
SSTRAN AM Transmitter Kits       Don't have any good local AM stations to listen to on your vintage radios? Take a look here!                              Site of a restorer that often has very interesting restored models for sale (updated occasionally)

                                                                                        Old Time Radio Shows
Old Time Radio Catalog                   Lots of Old Time Radio Shows Available for purchase & free sample episodes..

                                                                                                  Antique Radio Forums and Discussion Groups                           Very active site with over 5000 members                                   Huge site with an antique radio section
Nostalgia Air
PhilcoPhorum                              Forum devoted to Philco,  run by Philco historian and author Ron Ramirez
Rec.Antiques.Radio+Phono         Another old radio forum                        

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