Philco Model 48-200 Brown Bakelite Table Radio (1948)
Philco 48-200 Bakelite Compact Table Radio (1948)
The Philco 48-200 small brown bakelite table
radio was introduced in the summer of 1947
for the 1948 model season. It had an original
purchase price of $19.95 and also came in
ivory painted bakelite for a price of  $22.95.
Many stores promoted this model by
including an autographed picture of Bing
Crosby along with every purchase.

This cabinet style was very popular and was
in fact used for a number of years by Philco,
starting just before WWII. As a result, the
style is fairly easy to find. The 1949 version
was designated model

The 48-200 is an ac/dc powered superhet
that covers the standard broadcast band
from 540-1620kc. It uses the five tubes: 7A8
(mixer/LO), 14A7 (IF amp), 14B6 (2nd-det/
AGC/1st AF), 50L6GT (power amp) and
35Y4 (rectifier). With the exception of the
Octal 50L6, these are are all Loktal types.

The schematic may be found
here, courtesy
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