Atwater Kent Model 82 Cathedral Radio (1931)
I happen to think that the Atwater Kent Model 82 is one
spectacular cathedral radio. The gracefully peaked front-
piece, flanked with exotic zebrawood veneer and twisted
side pilasters, combined with the gothic-style grille cut-outs
and a brass escutcheon that mimics the upper arch, puts
this firmly amongst my favorite radios.

The 82 had an original purchase price in 1931 of $69.80
including tubes and was promoted in original Atwater Kent
advertising as having the company's "Quick Vision" dial:-

"..Exclusive Atwater Kent feature. All Stations always in sight and
evenly spaced, for instant accurate tuning. An Important
feature.."  "..Easy to read as a clock, from any position..."

The design of the model 82's beautiful cabinet was the
work of Charles S. Bradley of Philadelphia, as revealed by
US design patent
D85974, filed on Aug 12th 1931. Bradley
was also responsible for the cabinetry on Atwater Kent's
80 (patent D85808) and 84 (patent D84316).

The chassis comprises an ac-powered 7-tube super-het
covering the standard broadcast band. The tube line-up is
35 (mixer), 27 (local oscillator), 35 (IF), 24 (2nd detector),
47 (AF output), 24 (control tube) and 80 (rectifier). The
control tube forms part of the manual/automatic volume
control circuit which adjusts the bias applied to the mixer
and IF tubes. The knobs, from left to right are tone-control,
tuning and vol/on/off.
Schematic (courtesy of NostalgiaAir).
I have this set still in unrestored condition
and it may be noticed from the photograph
that the rubber insulation on the wiring to
the tube grid-caps has dried out and is
crumbling. This is a common problem with
many radios of the era. The wiring has to
be replaced as part of the restoration
process otherwise these sets can pose a
safety hazard. The small knob seen at the
rear is an antenna trimmer.
...Atwater Kent - The Radio With The Golden Voice
Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral Radio
Atwater Kent Model 82 Cathedral Radio rear View