Philco 201X
Philco 54S
Philco 41-226
Zenith 705
Philco 45
GE F-63
Zenith 5-S-319
Philco 38-9
Emerson 25A
Zenith 7-S-432
Philco 49-501
Philco 20 Deluxe
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Zenith L
Zenith 7-S-363
Philco 16B
Zenith 9-S-367
Zenith 6-S-27
Philco 16L
GE K-62
Philco 18B
Atwater Kent 82
Philco 91D
Philco 551
Philco 16X
Zenith 288
Zenith 8-S-463
Emerson AD-110
Philco 38-4
Zenith 6-D-615
Zenith 6-P-417
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Sparton 1867 Triolian (1936/37)
Zenith 12S267
RCA Model 128
Majestic Park-Avenue Model 886 Smart-Set Radio
Majestic Riviera Model 996 Smart-Set Radio
Majestic Lido Model 776 Smart-Set Radio
Majestic Ritz Model 666 Smart-Set Radio
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