Zenith 8-S-129 (8S129) "Big Pet" Tombstone Radio (1937)
The 8-tube model 8-S-129 is a large table radio referred to
by Zenith as the "big" pet. Could that be because of the res-
emblance of its grille filigree to the large, soft eyes of a be-
loved and devoted family pet, a dog perhaps, that's always
willing to please its master? The radio was introduced in the
summer of 1936 as part of Zenith's line-up for the 1937 mo-
del year. It was priced at $74.95.
A big pet... within the compass of a well-proportioned table model...
"A "big" pet, placed within the compass of a
well-proportioned table model. Dial panel is of figured
butt walnut, flanked by decorative strips of striped
oriental walnut. Top is hardwood, fluted, with reeded
corners. Vertical edges also fluted"
rear view (click to enlarge)
The 8-S-129 uses the same chassis as the console model
8-S-154. The 8 tube line-up is 6K7/6K7G (RF amp), 6A8/
6A8G (converter), 6K7/6K7G (IF amp), 6H6/6H6G (2nd det/
AVC), 6F5/6F5G (AF amp), 6C5/6C5G (tuning indicator
amp), 6F6/6F6G (AF output), 5W4/5Y3G (rectifier). The
set was designed to accommodate either metal or glass
type tubes. The glass types were referred to as "
in Zenith's advertising. Audio output was ad- vertised at 4W.
The schematic may be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
The three tuning ranges are 538 - 1780kcs (band A, stand-
ard broadcast), 1740-6050kcs (band B, police/amateur) &
5500-19250 kcs (band C, shortwave).
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