Zenith Model 808 Tombstone Radio (1935)
The beautiful Zenith model 808, by comparison with
the entry level
807, features both upgraded cabinetry
and electronics. The cabinet adds decorative inlays,
molded trim pieces and more exotic veneers and the
electronics is enhanced through the addition of a tun-
ed RF stage and a third band - the former police band.

It covers standard broadcast (537-1500kc), the former
police band (1500-4200kc) and shortwave (foreign
broadcast) (5500-15800kc).

The 6-tube line-up is:- 6D6 (RF), 6A7 (mixer/LO), 6D6
(IF), 75 (2nd detector/AVC/1st AF), 42 (AF power) and
80 (rectifier). The schematic may be found
here, cour-
tesy of

Controls are volume/on/off, tuning, tone and band sel-

The introductory selling price in the East was $49.95,
though by Christmas of 1934 the price was $60.45.
Zenith 808 ...a small radio with a big range.
Gets all the "getable" foreign stations.
Zenith "small white dial" series
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Dec 2nd 1934, West Virgiunia
Dec 2nd 1934, West Virgiunia
Oct 17th 1934, Iowa
Sept 12th 1934, Iowa
Zenith 808 Airplane-Dial Tombstone Radio (1935)
Zenith 808 Tombstone Radio Rear View (1935)