Zenith Model 7-S-432 (7S432) Table Radio (1940)
"7S432. Seven tube superhet with
built-in Wavemagnet antenna; tunes
American and foreign broadcasts; 3
bands, 6 inch speaker; 2 button
Radiorgan tone system; automatic
tuning; streamlined dial; provision for
television; price $39.95 list.
Advertisements for this Zenith
7-S-432 started showing up in
August of 1939, at the time of its
release as part of Zenith's 1940
line-up. It had a list price of $39.95.

The seven tubes used are 6A8G
(L/O mixer), 6K7G (IF), 6Q7G (2nd
det/AVC/1st AF), 6AF5G (2nd AF),
25AC5G (power amp), 2*25Z6G
(rectifier). It's basically a 5-tube
receiver, exhibiting Zenith's typical
flare for inflating the tube count!
..all the sensational new 1940 Zeniths have WAVEMAGNET - the famous invention that means no aerial,
no ground, no installation.
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Zenith 7-s-432 Table Radio (1940)