Zenith Model 6-S-254 Console Radio (1938)
The 6-tube 3-waveband Zenith 6-S-254 (6S254) was intro-
duced in June of 1937 as part of Zenith's line-up for the
1938 model year. It initially sold for $69.95 in the East, but
in early August Zenith, along with other manufacturers,
announced across the board price
increases. From that
point, the 6-S-254 was advertised in the East at $79.95,
though this also then included Zenith's Doublet Antenna,
priced separately before the increase (see ads below!).

The 6-S-254 prominently features Zenith's tear-drop (tri-
angular) shaped dial that was used for the 1938 line only.
However, unlike for most 7 and higher tube-count sets that
season, the 254's dial was not a robot dial in that it had no
movable plates that changed with the waveband in use.
Nor did the set have target tuning (i.e. a magic eye) or
electric (motorized) tuning.

The appealing waterfall-type cabinet appears to have been
a progression (simplification?) of the previous season's
8-S-154 and the same cab was used for model
6-S-362 the following season.

The 6-S-254 features a 5-point tone control, bass comp-
ensation, spinner tuning, split second station re-location &
"tell-tale" controls. As Zeniths go, this was a starter model
that sold well in its day and as a result is a common find
today. Nevertheless it is considered very collectible.

The tube line-up is 6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF), 6H6G
(2nd detector/AGC), 6F5G (1st AF triode), 6F6G (power
output), 5Y4G (rectifier). This is the same tube line-up as
on the model
6-S-222. In spite of its use of 6-tubes, it's
basically a 5-tube receiver;  many 5-tube receivers of the
day used the type 6Q7G tube as the 2nd-detector/AGC/
1st AF Amp, combining the functions of the 6H6G and
6F5G with  little or no compromise to performance. Like
most Zenith radios, the 6-S-254 is an excellent performer.
Schematic, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
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Zenith 6-S-254 Console Radio (1938)
Zenith 6-S-254 Console Radio Rear View (1938)
Sept 1937, Tx.
(Eastern pricing)
40" (H) * 25" (W) * 14" (D)
Sep 1937, Pa.
July 9th, Pa
Oct 8th, Pa
Aug 7th, Pa
Compare for tone, beauty, performance...
June 18th, Tx (Western)
"A powerful receiver at a low price.  Will
tune into foreign stations with ease and
certainty. 6 tubes that will provide 9-tube