Zenith Model 5-S-319 Table Radio (1939)
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The 5-S-319 (5S319) is one of
Zenith's "race-track dial" compact
table radios introduced in the
summer of 1938 for the 1939
model year. It features all-wave
coverage plus
Automatic Tip-Touch
tuning, a Zenith innovation new to
the 1939 model year (see my
5R317 page for more details).

The 5-S-319 had an introductory
price of $29.95 in the East.

The 5-S-319 uses Zenith's 5-tube
5529 chassis, having  tube line-up
6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF amp),
6Q7G (2nd det/AVC/1st AF),
6K6G (AF power) & 6X5G (rectif-
ier). It covers standard broadcast
from 540 to 1700kcs & shortwave
from 5500 to 18,500 kcs (approx-
imately), in two wavebands.

The schematic may be found
courtesy of

This sets visually appealing, com-
pact demeanor has made it a fav-
orite among collectors. However,
prospective purchasers of this set
need to be aware that the strip of
apparently exotic wood running
vertically up the right front side
and over the top is in fact FAUX
finish. It is usually missing from
examples of this model if they
have been re-finished, a fact often
initially overlooked by purchasers
but nevertheless one that detracts
from the set's appeal and value.
Zenith 5-S-319 Compact Table Radio (1939)
Sept 1938, Bakersfield, CA
Oct 16th 1938, Ohio
An excellent performer... A thrilling value.