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Stromberg Carlson 1101-HI "Dynatomic" Radio (1946)
This is the ivory painted bakelite
version of the 1101-H 'Dynatomic"
series. It covers the standard
broadcast band and uses the tube
set 12SK7 (RF amp), 12SA7
(mixer/LO), 12SK7 (IF), 12SQ7
(2nd detector/AVC/1st AF),
35L6GT (beam power), 35Z5GT
(rectifier). The use of an RF stage
means that this radio is quite
sensitive. It uses a built-in loop

I re-painted this using antique white
for a close match to the original. It
is currently missing the "Stromberg
Carlson" decal that should be
located between the two knobs.
Curiously, some of the dynatomics
use decals while others have the
manufacturer's name shown on the
dial scale (follow links below photo).

I have restored this electrically and
it now plays nicely.
See also the Stromberg Carlson models 1101-HM and 1200.
Stromberg Carlson 1101-HI 'Dynatomic' Ivory Tube Radio (1946)