Sparton Model 617 Tombstone Radio (1936/1937)
Sparton Model 617 Photochromatic Dial
The Sparton model 617 is from that other, less well known line of
Sparks-Withington mirror radios, where the mirror forms the cen-
tral component of the dial rather than of the cabinet. The dial,
known as the S
parton Photochromatic Dial, is shown in close-up   
for the 617 below; it debuted in June of 1936 on at least a dozen
Sparton models new for the 1937 sales season. The 617, which
originally listed at $49.95, was the smallest of several tombstone
radios in the line-up that used the same basic cabinet style.

The 617 is a 6-tube ac-powered superhet covering standard
broadcast from 535-1615kc, shortwave 1 from 1565-5800kc and
shortwave 2 from 5.7-17.5mc. The tube line-up is 6K7G (RF amp),
6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF amp), 6Q7G (2nd det/AVC/1st AF),
6F6G (power amp) and 5Y3G (rectifier). The set uses an 8" loud-
speaker. The schematic may be found
here. Interesting features
Ths SPARTON  Photochromatic Dial
"The Sparton Photochromatic dial is like nothing you have ever
seen before, a new and exclusive development. Its figures and
scales are photographed with crystal legibility on crystal clear
glass. Its colorings which indicate the different bands and
frequency divisions are applied to the reverse side of this
transparent glass dial and thus are transmitted through it in
their true and brilliant tints. Photography gives absolutely true
definition. All lines of the unusual design are clean cut, and
indicative of refinement throughout.

When not in use and, therefore, not illuminated, the ensemble
of the dial blends perfectly with the beauty of the cabinet.

Sparton Photochromatic dials cannot warp nor distort. Kilocycle
scales remain accurate under all conditions.

A tastefully proportioned escutcheon gives added distinction to
Radio's most beautiful tuning dial..."
Beautiful - colorful - unique - clearly readable.
Enjoy foreign reception... ideal table model in walnut
include the use of separate RF &
oscillator transformers for each of
the three bands and an unusual
push-pull diode 2nd detector.
Six tubes - All Wave
Full sensitivity, Selectivity and
Tone. Photochromatic Band
Expansion Dial.
Walnut finish.
Height 18
1/2 inches, Width 121/2
inches, Depth 9
1/4 inches
(sizes approximate).