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Sentinel 284-NR "Wavy Grille" Catalin Table Radio (1946)
In the opinion of some, Sentinel's model 284
tube radio was styled to look like a television
receiver at a time when TV was anticipated
by the public to be the "next big thing". Others
look at the styling as synonymous with auto-
mobile grilles. The set was available in sev-
eral colors of catalin, including ivory, red and
blue. The -NR after the primary model num-
ber here designates a cabinet of red catalin.

The electronics consists of a modest AC/DC
powered "All-American-Five" receiver that
covers the standard broadcast band. Tubes
used are 12SA7 (mixer/LO), 12SK7 (IF),
12SQ7 (2nd-detector/AVC/1st AF), 50L6GT
(AF output), 35Z5GT (rectifier). The schem-
atic is available
here, courtesy of NostagiaAir.

The chassis is suspended "upside down"
from the top of the cabinet, as seen in the
photo below. Unfortunately, one of the prop-
erties of catalin is shrinkage over time, and
these sets are usually found with the chassis
tightly bound within the cabinet. The stress
on the cabinet often causes cracking. With
this particular example, the chassis was tigh-
tly bound in place and much care was need-
ed to remove the chassis without placing
additional, potentially damaging, stresses on
the cabinet. Once removed, I filed down the
edges of the chassis to ensure an easier,
relatively stress free fit upon replacement.
Cabinet shrinkage also usually results in the
dial glass having fractured, as on my model.
Reproduction dials are however available
from several sources, including
Sentinel 284-NR Wavy Grille Catalin Radio Rear View (1946)
Sentinel 284-NR Wavy Grille Catalin Radio (1946)