RCA Model 301 "Duo" Radio-Phono (1934)
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RCA Model 301
RCA Model 301
RCA's model 301 "Duo" is a combination radio-phono-
graph introduced in the spring of 1934. It initially listed
at $54.50. The company introduced the first four models
in their "Duo" 300-series of radio-phonos (300, 310, 330
& 331) in the fall of 1933 as part of their 1934 line (see
Oct 1933 ad below). Additional models, including the
301 featured here, debuted the following spring, in time
for the summer sales rush (see Radio Retailing Mar 34
extract below, upper-left).

RCA had offered radio-phonographs in their line prior to
the 300 series, but the models were simply referred to
combos or 2-in-1. With the advent of the 300 series
in the fall of 1933 however, came the
new name, Duo.
At that time RCA insisted that the old combos be forgot-
ten, proclaiming
DUO is new...  it not only combines but
completes home entertainment
. The line was targeted
at meeting a burgeoning demand for music in the home
that was obtained from sources other than radio, impell-
ed by the sentiment:-
music you want when you want it.
Availability of the Duos was timed to coincide with incr-
eased advertising by RCA's
Victor Records division
(Mar '34 thumb, below right). RCA was the only comp-
any at this time who manufactured combos and prod-
uced the records to play on them.

In spite of an uptick in the demand for phonograph
records and the somewhat aggressive promotion of the
Duos by RCA, sales of radio-phonographs continued to
follow their hitherto trend of falling flat, as few could
afford the prices while the Great Depression raged on.

The model 301 combines a 4-tube two-band superhet
radio with a phonograph designed to play standard 78
records. The 4-tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/LO), 6F7 (IF/
2nd det/AVC), 41 (AF) & 1-V (rectifier). Tuning range is
540 to 1500kcs (standard broadcast) and 1600 to 3500
kcs (police/amateur). Controls are (L-R) vol-on-off/tun-
ing/ tone/range. Phono volume is controlled using the
control on the right side of the cabinet.
RCA Model 301
RCA Model 301
All your favorite music AT LOWEST COST on the RCA VICTOR DUO 301
Radio Retailing,
Mar '34
ad clip, June 10th 1934, Ohio
Radio Retailing, Sept '33
Radio Retailing, Mar '34
Radio Retailing, Oct '33
Radio is original and complete.
"DUO is new... it not only combines but completes
home entertainment.."