Philco PT-61 "Jewel Case" or "Pagoda" Table Radio (1940)
Philco introduced the fabulous PT-61
in the summer or fall of 1939 as part of
their line-up for the 1939/1940 model
year. It was priced at $19.95 in the East.

This radio is commonly known as the
"jewel case", though "Pagoda" is anoth-
er name that's affectionately used for it
in some circles. Prompted by its resem-
blance to a means of conveyance, rep-
lete with under-carriage, I personally
think you could add "stagecoach" to the
list of names for it  too!

According to original advertising, the
cabinet features colorful veneers of

"figured Aspen for the upper half, Birch
for the curved  base and rare Mexican
Accra wood for the lower half".
advertising also referenced
curly maple
for the lower section, so perhaps there
are two variants floating around.

Following the introduction of their 1940
line in June of 1939, Philco celebrated
their tenth anniversary of being number
one in radio sales by proclaiming "
straight Years of Philco Leadership
", a
theme that they featured prominently in
their advertising for the 1940 line.

The radio covers standard broadcast
from 540 -1580kcs and uses 5 loktal
tubes:- 7A5 (mixer/LO), 7B7 (IF), 7C6
(2nd-det/AVC/1st AF), 35A5 (power out-
put) and 35Z3 (rectifier). A loop antenna
is built into the back of the cabinet. The
schematic may be found
here, courtesy
NostalgiaAir. exquisitely beautiful as a costly gem.                            ...exquisite jewel case cabinet of rare costly woods
Philco PT-61 Pagoda (1940)