Philco 89 Baby Grand (89B) Radio, 2nd style (1934/1935)
The popular Philco model 89B, first released in ear-
ly 1933, received this upgraded cabinet in June of
1934, ready for the 1935 model year. Its a 6-tube
two-band radio that listed for $39.50 in the East.
Finished in attractive two-tone walnut veneer, this
is one of the most unusual Baby Grand cabinet
styles adopted by Philco. To me, it has always con-
veyed the impression of a giant insect with obvious-
ly sinister intentions, wielding its black proboscises
menacingly at you as it ventures forth!

The cabinet's front piece is an exercise in contr-
asts, characterised as it is by a graceful section of
highly figured butt walnut, offset against dark, uni-
formly toned areas that are practically opaque. It
was a style adopted by Philco designers for sever-
al models introduced during the 1935 season only.
As well as the 89B, included on this list are models
16B, 45C, 66B and 118B. I happen to think that
the sets in this group are amongst the most attrac-
tive of all the Philco tabletops.

The 89B uses a 6-tube ac-powered chassis that
covers the broadcast band from 550 to 1500 kcs
and the police band from 1.5 to 3.2 mcs. The tube
line-up is 44 (RF amp), 77 (mixer/LO), 44 (IF), 75
(2nd detector/AVC/1st AF), 42 (AF power) and 80
(rectifier). It features a tuned RF stage, Automatic-
Volume-Control (AVC), two-point tone control and
pentode output stage. Schematic (code 123)

Early 89B production used a type 36 tube for the
autodyne mixer/LO but starting with run 14, Philco
switched to a type 77 for improved operation of
this circuit. The early models are notorious for
intermittent operation of the oscillator! Rather than
sticking with the autodyne, Philco could have elec-
ted to upgrade the set to use a pentagrid conver-
ter, but perhaps this would have been too much of
a redesign.

This example has been re-finished in clear and
black lacquer and has an accurate reproduction
grille cloth. I bought it as photographed, in fully
restored condition.
..popular Baby Grand furnishing unusually fine performance.
...graceful cabinet of rich, hand-rubbed butt walnut.
Philco 89B Baby Grand Radio (late style) 1936
June 29th 1934, Utah
(Western pricing)
Oct 25th 1934, Ohio
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Feb 25th 1935, Mn
Philco Model 89B (June 1934 Late version) Rear View