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Philco Model 76 "Console" Radio (Jan 1930)
Philco Model 76 Console (1929)
Upon first encounter by a casual observer, Philco's diminutive
model 76 console might easily be overlooked. However, that
would be a shame, for this adorable set, sporting veneers of
walnut and curly maple and beset with ornate moldings, epit-
omizes the elegant simplicity of much of the early 1930's radio

The console was one of a number of cabinet styles that used
the 7-tube type 76
screen-grid chassis introduced in January
of 1930. The others included the
Model 76 Lowboy, the Model
76 Highboy and the Model 76 Highboy Deluxe
. These same
cabinets were also offered for sale at this time outfitted with
Philco's older type 87
neutrodyne-plus chassis (introduced in
June of 1929) and, with the exception of the
console, their
9-tube type 95
screen-grid-plus chassis (Oct 1929).

When introduced in January of 1930, the
76 console was
priced at $112 (less tubes) in Eastern and Central regions.
The console cabinet was the work of David Roberts (Des.
81,291, assigned to Philco).

Just when were Philco's Console and Type 76 chassis

Established wisdom in the vintage radio community posits
that Philco's
model 76 console and 7-tube screen-grid chassis
were introduced in Oct 1929. However, to date I have found
absolutely no trace of this chassis, the
console cabinet, nor  
the model
76 console combination thereof in any of my usual
advertising sources before Jan 1930. Prior to that time, numer-
ous Philco ads featured their 8-tube
neutrodyne-plus, 6-tube
screen-grid and, beginning in Oct 1929, their 9-tube screen-
grid plus
chassis in lowboy, highboy and highboy-deluxe cab-
inets. But there is not a smidgen of a mention of a
model 76,
a console, or a 7-tube screen-grid chassis, even during the
peak Christmas selling season when Philco rained a blitz of
advertising onto the public. Then, beginning in January 1930
dozens of ads appear proclaiming their "new" 7-tube
(type 76) chassis, their new model 76 console, along with
ads for
lowboy, highboy and highboy-deluxe cabinets avail-
able with the "new" 7-tube
screen-grid chassis.

To me this leaves little doubt that the 7-tube
screen grid
chassis and console cabinet were late additions, introduced in
Jan of 1930. At that time the 6-tube screen grid (chassis 65)
mostly vanishes from the advertising record, presumably dis-
continued by Philco. The 8-tube
neutrodyne-plus (87), 9-tube
screen-grid-plus (95) and the new screen-grid (76) chassis
were all at this point offered in the older
lowboy, highboy and
highboy-deluxe cabinets. The new console was available for
sale with either the existing popular 87 or new 76 chassis (see
however my "exceptions" paragraph below).

Console Exceptions:

The console cabinet style almost certainly now appears to have
made its first appearance in Jan of 1930. However, examples
console cabinets fitted with the older 6-tube (65) screen-grid
chassis, dating from June of 1929, do exist. I have in fact found
such sets advertised, but only
post-Jan 1st 1930. It therefore
seems that some of these model
65 consoles were marketed
by Philco as a means of using up remaining type-65 inventory
following introduction of the 7-tube
screen-grid chassis in Jan-
uary 1930. I have included two such ads at the foot of the
page, or you can click
here and here to see them.

At least one ad (upper left below) references as available for
sale a
console with a 9-tube screen-grid-plus chassis (that
would be a model
95 console), again post Jan 1930. A Philco
brochure I own (Jan 1930?) doesn't list this option. So, was this
for real? Are any known to exist? Or, were they custom?

For a summary of these issues, see my "matrix" table below.
Such powers of performance that will amaze and certainly delight you!
Panelled in handsome butt walnut and bird's-eye maple...
Ad clipping from Jan 8th 1930
San Antonio, TX
Ad clipping from March 1930
Centralia, WA
    65**, 76, 87
65, 87
65, 87, 95
76, 87, 95
65, 87
65, 87, 95
76, 87, 95
HighBoy Deluxe
65, 87
65, 87, 95
76, 87, 95
Tudor Highboy
65, 87
65, 87, 95
87, 95
Chassis 65
Chassis 87
Chassis 76
Chassis 95
Matrix Showing Chassis Type & Cabinet Style versus
Time Offered for Sale by Philco
(AC-powered Floor Models)
Ad clipping from Feb 1930
Altoona, PA
Ad clipping from Mar 1930
Winnipeg, Can.
Philco Model 76 Console Radio Rear View (1930)
Philco Model 76 Console Radio Panel View (1930)
Technical Details
Philco's model 76 7-tube screen grid chassis (a "triple screen-
grid chassis
") was a Tuned-Radio-Frequency (TRF) design with
tube line-up 224 (1st RF), 224 (2nd RF), 224 (2nd detector), 27
(audio driver), 245*2 (push-pull audio) and 280 (rectifier). It
tuned the standard broadcast band. The schematic is at
Ad clipping from Feb 1930
See "
Console Exceptions"
Ad clipping from Jan 1930.
See "
Console Exceptions"
*Perhaps other cab styles were available with the 65 screen-grid chassis
while inventory remained, in addition to the
Model 65 not shown in Philco's Jan 1930 Brochure but it does
exist. Lower-case 'x' for
Chassis 65 => while inventory remained
Jan 1930, Radio
Jan 1930, Radio Retailing
Jan 1930, Radio Retailing
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