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Scans of extracts from
the Combs patent of 1931

It is interesting that Figure 1
does not correspond exactly to
any of models
21,  70 or 90
that used this general cabinet
design (along with two battery
models). The closest is 21,
based on knob configuration,
though the escutcheon is
different. This model was the
first to adopt the style.

There is some evidence that a
few model 50s were produced
using this cabinet (
archives). The spacing between
the lower knobs, consistent
with the model 50, is wider than
for any of the other models
and there is no evidence of the
front panel having been
altered (assuming the front
panel is not a reproduction).
A few additional examples of this
model 50 variant have turned
up in recent years on auction
sites and the like and the wisdom
now is that these are genuine
factory-produced sets.