Philco Model 650X Console Radio (1936)
This 8-tube floor-model radio from 1936 covers
4-bands. It features triode-connected push-pull output,
RF stage and shadow-graph (shadow-meter) tuning.
Band coverage is from 145-390kc (band 1, long-wave);
540-1720kc (band 2, standard broadcast); 2.2-2.6mc
(band 3, police) and 5.8-18mc (band 4, short wave).
Tube line-up is 78 (RF), 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75
(2nd detector/AGC/1st AF), 42 driver, 42*2 (push-pull
output), 80 (rectifier). Output power is 10 Watts.
Coverage of the long-wave band is not a common
feature of US domestic radios. The primary usage of
this band in the USA was at one time for the reception
of weather forecasts. See for more
information on the LW band. The schematic may be
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

I bought this radio locally early in 2005. It is completely
original and had sat for many years in the seller's
office before he decided to sell it. Following a good
cleaning with mineral spirit and wire wool the old
lacquer turned out to have a good shine! About the
only thing cosmetically that I need to do to it is to touch
up the very lower part of the cabinet, which shows
years of wear caused by feet, brooms, vacuum
cleaners, and so on.

Electrically the radio just hums, which is actually a
good sign, since it means the power transformer and
loudspeaker are basically intact. One of these days I'll
get around to restoring it.
Philco 650X Console Radio Rear View (1936)
Philco 650X Console Radio (1936)