Philco 60B Cathedral Radio (2nd of style 3, 1934/1935)
This is the second version of the third style of the
highly successful and ubiquitous Philco model 60
Baby Grand (60B). It was introduced in the sum-
mer or fall of 1934 (it started showing up in news-
paper ads in late September) as one of the new
models for the 1935 season, listed at $29.95.

The set superseded the short-lived
first version
having this cabinet style, substituting a small
bakelite escutcheon for the small brass one used
previously. Apparently the folks at Philco were
unhappy with this model's escutcheon, however,
for the
next season they enlarged both it and the
dial numbering for the shortwave band. Anyone
who has ever serviced one of these sets and
tried to get the dial to line up properly with the
escutcheon will appreciate this refinement! An
overview of the lineage of model 60B cathedral
radio styles can be seen

The 60B's chassis is a 5-tube ac-powered super-
heterodyne that tunes standard broadcast from
530-1500kc and short-wave from 1500-4000kc.
The tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75
(2nd det/AVC/1st AF), 42 (AF output) and 80
Philco 60B Cathedral Radio (2nd version of third style)
What a Value! ..such big set features as Automatic Volume
Control, Tone Control, PHILCO high-efficiency tubes.
Philco 60B Cathedral Radio (2nd version of third style) Rear View
Nov 22nd 1934, Minnesota
These ads started showing up in mid-to-late Sept of 1934
Dec 13th 1934, Ohio
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