Philco 60B Cathedral Radio, third version of style 3 (1935)
This is the third, and in my opinion nicest cabinet style used
for the popular model 60 Baby Grand. According to, this variant was introduced in June of 1935
as part of Philco's 1936 line. It is distinguishable from its
predecessor in that it has a larger escutcheon
along with dial numbering for the shortwave band that was
increased in size to match that of the standard broadcast
band. These two improvements made the dial much easier
to read, especially for shortwave. The introductory price was

With its manifold variations, this model can generate a lot of
confusion and to help alleviate this I, with a little help from
the cited bibliography, have put together a  Philco model 60
lineage page that traces the evolution of the 60B through
the model years 1934 to 1937 when it was manufactured.

The 60B uses a 5-tube ac-powered superheterodyne
chassis that tunes standard broadcast from 530 - 1500kc
and short-wave from 1500 - 4000kc. The tube line-up is 6A7
(mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75 (2nd detector/AVC/1st AF), 42 (AF
output) and 80 rectifier. Although all model 60s to this date
used basically the same chassis, engineering improvements
were made over time. The schematic, along with notes
pertaining to the various changes made, may be found

The radio photographed has its original two-tone lacquer
finish. The grille cloth is an accurate reproduction
purchased from (no longer in business).
"Famous Philco superheterodyne circuit. Gets all
standard broadcasts, police, amateur and
airplane signals. Ball-bearing tuning, tone control,
Pentode audio system, waveband switch, tapered
volume control, easy tuning illuminated dial"
Philco 60B Cathedral Radio, third version, late production