Philco Model 60 Baby Grand (60B), fourth style (Jan 1936)
This was the fourth and penultimate cabinet design
adopted by Philco for their very successful line of 60B
Baby-Grands. Gone was the rounded top and attractive
two-toned front-piece of its immediate
predecessor, re-
placed instead with a more pronounced peaked-top and
a plainer, somewhat austere front panel. Nevertheless, I
do find the overall presentation quite elegant in its simp-
licity, made especially so by its use of book-matched
tiger- striped veneer, finished in warm tones of honey
and brown, with the contrasting black escutcheon and
hexagonal knobs.

According to, this model was introduced
half-way into the 1936 model season, in January of 1936,
at a price of $32.50. From my own researches, through
December of 1935 the
third 60B style featured occasion-
ally in Philco advertising and the same was true of  the
final 60B, once it had been introduced in June of 1936.
However, through the first half of 1936, when this fourth
version was offered for sale, precious little newspaper
advertising seems to have mentioned either it or the id-
entical looking  
38B battery set. Instead, the bulk of the
Philco Baby Grand advertising dollar appears to have
been directed at promoting their 1936 tombstone line,
which included the 610B and
620B. This was all in stark
contrast to earlier years and at the time this set appear-
ed therefore, the writing was clearly on the wall for the
future of Philco's cathedral models. For an overview of
the 60B series, see my
Philco 60B lineage page.

This model 60 uses the same basic chassis design as
the preceding versions - a 5-tube ac-powered superhet-
erodyne covering the standard broadcast band from
530-1500kc and short-wave from 1500-4000kc. The tube
line-up is 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75 (2nd detector/AVC/
1st AF), 42 (AF output), 80 rectifier.
PHILCO Leads The World In Radio Production!

The American public in 1935 bought three times as
many PHILCOS as any other make... Almost half as
many Philcos as all other makes combined. Since
1928 they have bought over 7,000,000 Philcos.

Philco's standards are the highest in the radio
industry, both from the standpoint of material and
of labor. During the year 1935, steady continuous
employment was made possible for 8,000 to
10,000 workers, totalling 15,000,000 hours in
Philadelphia Philco plants alone. Thousands more
throughout the entire nation were gainfully
employed in the production of raw materials, and
in the distribution of the finished product.
Celebrating the seven millionth Philco!
The interesting snippets below and to the
right were extracted from Philco promot-
ionals found in 1936 newspapers...
"Just produced is Philco's seven
millionth radio! To celebrate the
event we offer lower down payments,
easier terms, extra trade-in
allowances and free special values
such as this new Model 60 Baby
Grand Philco"
Philco 60B Cathedral Radio (fourth version)