Philco Late Model 59C Table (Mantel) Radio (1935)
This is the later styling for the Philco 59C, first
introduced in 1934 (see
here). Although the front
looks to be photo-finish, it's genuine veneer. It was
introduced in early 1935 with a sales price of $25.

It's a four-tube ac-powered super-het covering
standard broadcast from 540-1720kc. The tube
line-up is 77 (mixer/LO), 77 (2nd detector), 42 (AF
output) and 80 (rectifier). The lack of a dedicated
IF amplifier is compensated to some extent by the
use of regeneration applied around the second
detector stage and controlled using a potentio-
meter at the rear of the set.
The late model 54C shared this cabinet style, although in all such examples of that
model I've seen, the finish is two-toned mahogany veneer and a different grille cloth
is used to that seen here on my 59C. Some model 59Cs, however, appear identical
to the 54C.
Here's new beauty in a compact.... Philco 59C.
Philco 59C Comapct Radio late style
Philco 59C Comapct Radio late style